This is what i call home: Home is gathering around the table for dinner together. Home is waking up at different times, returning back when there's no one awake, but still knowing for sure that there are loving people living with you under the same roof. Home is coming back from work and knowing no other destination to take rest and throw all the tiredness of the day. It is when you come home from a chilling cold weather, to find a delicious hot meal waiting for you. All the warmth after the coldness, and the love, the silent love that warms the hearts. Home is where you are yourself, not caring to decorate your image, and where you share all your fears and worries, your expectations and disappoinments, happiness and sadness.
Home is where you family and friends are, where your emotions rise up to pure satisfaction and calmness. Home is where all your dreams are first imagined, built and fulfilled. Home is where you grow up and enjoy doing it, it is where you want to be, where you take a breath to go on fighting again. You love your home as much as the love found in it. There is no place like home.

December 16th, 2002.


honeybee0608 said...

..i've always love this .."Home is where the heart is"..

Wa7ashtini ya Lilo! :)

Lilli said...

Nanoosa :D enty wa7shany aktar.. keda bardo te3'ayarry el blog address men 3'eer ma te2oleely?! :( bass i know the new one now ;)
Yes, home is where the heart is.. in my info u can find that my favorite book is a novel called: "Where the Heart is"... it is a WONDERFUL story. It has been turned into a movie i believe, starring Ashley Judd and the sweet Natalie Portman: http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&cf=info&id=1800354108. You should watch it..
Here i am back to blog again.. keep visiting, u'll find new stuff everyday as before ;)

Mohamed Yousef said...

welcome back ya leeloo...
what u said difining HOME, is true and personally i believe that.

but sometimes, it's not easy to find a place that satisfies all what u said, a place where u can call HOME.

am i right ???!!!

Lilli said...

Yes, true. It is hard to find 'home'. It's one of the belssings that God may grant us, or not. Not a must.