Among the crowd... In the noise
Pushed around and shoved in the back...
Laughs and cries are all around... And your ears can't really hear anything
While they can't hear it, a heart speaks the utterly words...
Everyone's busy, no need to hear more noise... And words are lost in the air as many others

Speaking the silent words in time of noisiness... Can anyone hear it out there?
Not the sound,, but the heart that you get it by
Then you hear it and ask yourself if it were true...
To that extent the soul has drowned in reason
Where did your soul's ears go?


honeybee0608 said...

i feel sometimes or most times that nowadays, nobody except God can hear ur heart's speaking..the words left unsaid. And btw u cannot also hear God in the noise :)
silence has its special meaning and importance..
i liked ur post

Lilli said...

..i fell in love with silence & solitude long ago...

Thx honeybee (K)