Let go

While I was searching for an inspiration to write about, I heard it on TV 'Let go':

Let go. A simple sentence.
Let go. It tells you so much in such little words.
It tells you to look forward, to have hope.
Go on with your life and just let go.
Let go of all your fears and sadness.
Let go of the strings that attach you to the past.
You just can't put your hand on the wheel and look back.
Let go and look ahead.
Becasue it all happened in the past, you must let go.
Nothing can be done now.
There is no point in reminding yourself everyday with your faults.
Let go. Do yourself the favor of starting anew, every new day.
Let go and look ahead.
So much will be coming, that you won't have time to look back.
So let go.

1 comment:

Epitaph said...

just came at the time that I should "let go" ,,,as if I needed this advice...well I do need it..and this message just struck me in the face!

well said...!!! Lilli :)