Meetings' inspiration

Save my soul from drowning
My surroundings are pushing me downwards
Suffocating under the materials
All day long in a closed office, on a cold desk
Everything is artificial, even the air
All my senses have slept
cause all the signals are the same
Piles of paper and files
Bottled water & pop cans
Food is wrapped in hundereds of paper & plastic bags
Nothing is real, nothing's alive
The temperature is always different from outside
A plastic world, an artificial life
I need some air, some hot air
I want to see the sun before it sets
I want to run in a wide open field
full of grass and brooks and trees
I want to touch live creatures
not the cold fibers and metals
I want to scream out and laugh loudly
Not whisper on phones and cellulars
My soul is drowning, help me
Take me to a green garden
Let me touch the wet grass
Take me to the sea shore
Let me fill my slippers with sand
I don't want everything clean and organized
I miss the mess
I miss the sun
I just want to open the office door, and run.

1 comment:

honeybee0608 said...

nefsy ala2y 7all le moshkelet el ensan el masry w 7alo, fel ta3lim arfan w fel sho3'l 2arfan aktar..
akid e7na 3ayshin 7ayah fiha 7aga 3'alat..aw 3ayshin b tari2a 3'alat..
i'm sure ya lilo kalamek da howa nafs kalam kol el nas el bteshta3'al..
nefsena na7'od nafasna..(men 3'er 3adem sayarat yareit)!