Breaking news: Dr. Sameh passed away today

Today, we lost a special person from church, Dr. Sameh George.
Like all special people, he didn't last long on our mortal earth.
He went to a better place, where he can enjoy the peace and love near God.
All what we need to think of and pray for, is his 2 young, wonderful special kids: Raef and Grace.
God meant for them a different life, to make them even more special.
May God protect and guide them, and give them peace.

I was thinking now: can the church tomorrow hold all the people whom Dr. Sameh has affected their lives? I doubt, it will be over full...

God rest his soul.

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fady W said...

i agree ya LILI with u

i'm so sad since i heard the news

People like Dr. Sameh are rare in our lives

My God rest his soul