.. and when i looked at you, you were laughing. You were among the crowd, maneuvering everyone and keeping the smile glowing. No one could suspect it, no one could say it and be believed, but i felt it. I felt it sharp and loud inside of me, that it shook me and made me stop at it. Inspite of all the crowd, of all the noise, of all the people...
you were lonely..

yes, i felt it deep inside me, and you never said a word. You never made a distant remark of it.. but through your eyes i could still see it, and in my heart feel it. What is going on in there, inside your mind, could never know. You do a good job in keeping it unseen. The only thing i saw was, your are alone among millions.

why do i feel the unspoken..? and see the hidden..?
maybe because i am like you..
and in the crowd, i saw only you, not the crowd..


honeybee0608 said...

since u've given a hint about it, let me tell u smthng i noticed about scorpios since u r one..
scorpios DO feel wht's inside people b tari2a fazi3a ! from my experience y3ni scorpios r highly emotional and they could easily know people's feelings, they simply read them, and dive into people's hearts and minds, and they can also know how they r thinking, i cannot express exactly this in one word, but it also has smthng to do ofcourse wth being smart..
on the contrary, it's not easy 2b sure wht's on a scorpio's mind or 2expect his actions or reactions.
i know this post may not b related 2u at all, but i just remembered it and liked 2write about it..

Lilli said...

Welcome back to blogging world... where have u been?????

well i do not really believe in the categorization of people according to Zodiacs, but according to character... so yes there is a kind of character like this: who can feel others and see inside of them. And if u say the reason is i am a scorpio... i respect this :)

Anonymous said...

i just ran into this post and i really felt just like that many times before.
well i don't believe in the zodiacs thing too but ironicaly i'm a scorpio myself !
anyways, nice post. maybe i was the one in the crowds :)

Lilli said...

am so glad u liked it Anonymous, & it touched u.... sometimes we find ourselves lonely within hundereds of people really... it is so painful... i hope u always have a company that keeps ur heart warm :)