You get annoyed, you start getting angry. Your blood pressure goes up and you feel hot. You think you have the right opinion, and the other is wrong, and he is still arguing! You just can't stop talking. You want to show your anger and prove your correctness. You get angrier, and you are about to explode! You are about to lose control and make a very stupid thing that you will repent doing later.

This what happens when we get angry. We get angry and try to act in the midest of our anger: the fatal mistake we do. At times of anger the person is not sane enough to make actions or take decisions. Never attempt to do that while you are angry.

If you watch yourself , you will find a thin line that when you cross you get into this state of anger and temporary insanity. The best thing is to avoid stepping over that line from the start. Do not let yourself reach the point where you have no control over your words &actions. You are the only one who will be harmed, or say the first one. The high blood presure, the hot flush, the headache and all the irritability &annoyance are affecting no one else but yourself.

Do yourself this favor and try to control your anger. Just try to do it once, you will find that you can REALLY control your temper. Do not step over the thin line and stay on the sane side of life :D


Mohamed Yousef said...

u know what ya leeloo....when i feel that i'm going to cross that line, i leave the whole room & go some place to calm my self, then i go back to continue the argue...

Ahmed Shokeir said...

أكتر كلمة تثير أعصابى وتنرفزني فى الدنيا دى .. هدى أعصابك ... روق

how can the one control his temper while he is out of control temporary !!!!??

هه .. هه ... حد يرد علي

Lilli said...

Ahmad, you made me suspect what i wrote and i re-read it! I didn't say: calm down while you r so angry... what i said is while we r angry, we r somehow a bit insane.. so try, just try not to make any decisions or say your opinions then... anyway there must be times when we really get angry & lose control and just explode.. that's normal

the other thing i said is that each person has this thin line that when he crosses, he leaves the sane mood to the insane mood, and while u r still behind the line, try hard not to cross it, just like when Mohamed Youssef said that he leaves the room and goes away till he calms down.

Once you go beyond the thin line, it's over, u r in the insane region. I know people on the insane region cannot control themselves, so i don't say calm down while u r carzy with anger.

Ahmed Shokeir said...

Do yourself this favor and try to control your anger. Just try to do it once, you will find that you can REALLY control your temper

ماكتبتيه عاليه هو ماعلقت عليه

when iam angry that means that iam out of control how could i make control while iam out of it

that's why boring words just like calm down ! easy easy ! usually increase my anger

anyway .. Calm Down !! Lilly

Lilli said...

Okay i agree... bad choice of words! Do not control your anger....
طيح فى الناس ولا يهمك
no, what i wanted to say is try not to get angry in the first place, bass if u get angry, 7'alas ba2a elli 7assal 7assal
بعدين مالك زعلان ليه؟ اهدى شوية وروق

ramezhanna said...

when you get angry, you get defeated
some people say "don't get angry, get even)

Ahmed Shokeir said...

ايوه كده اللى يقول طيح فى الناس ولايهمك .. أهدى على طووول وأبقى أعقل العاقلين

what should you say ... (baby)

Taher said...

there is some can't live without arguments and fightings
as those work for government in the elections

maged mostafa said...

أنا موافق على كلام ليلي...بس طبعا ده مش ممكن تنفيذه 100%...يعني بس لو الواحد في وسط غضبه حس (أو استوعب) انه هيقول قرار غلط أو هيتكلم بكلام مش كويس...لازم يبقى سلبي على الأقل في الدقيقة اللي جاية عشان يمسك نفسه..و يكمل النقاش و لو بنص هدوئه...أكيد تصرفه هيبقى أحسن من اللي كان هيحصل و هو في قمة الغضب....أما بقى لو الطرف الثاني كان من الناس اللي (.............) و ما يهمش اللي يتكلم انه يديلو على دماغه....فهنا بقى عبارة "طيح في الناس" هتبقى مناسبة جدا (: