Have you ever played Solitaire? This simple game we all play on our computers when we are really bored. I have noticed things while playing it that i was amazed to realize. Solitaire actually gives you ideas for your life! I'm not halucinating, i mean it! Just read my remarks... and if you take those remarks and apply them to life, you can get what i meant ;)

1- Sometimes it seems blocked & no way out, but a small move can open a new way for winning.

2- Sometimes it seems so easy and winning is a must, but it might get blocked in the very last step.

3- Every step counts, one tiny step can make the whole game go wrong and u have to start all over again.

4- The best way to win is to focus on the goal, do not do any move unless it helps u win. Don't do it because it can be done, but u must have a point in doing it.

5- If you skip a good card, you can always scroll all the cards untill you get back to your lucky card again. It doesn't go away.

6- You must wait for the perfect moment to play the card. If it's used in the wrong time, it's useless.

7- You can never win all games. There are unwinnable games no matter how much you try and you cannot do anything about it.

8- Cards might look alike to you, but in fact if you look closer, each one is completely different from any other. Two red aces are not the same: one is a diamond, the other a heart.

9- Sometimes the solution is right infront of your eyes, but you cannot see it, because you think it's sometning else.


Mohamed Yousef said...

wallahee ya leeloo dee 7aga mote3ebaa fe3lan 2ennek tefakkaree fee el le3ba dee bel shakl daa ma3a 2ennaha el mafrood ma3moolaa 3ashan nerayya7 demaaghnaa men el tafkeer..... :-)

i'll give u a nice info,
-open "Free Cell Game"
-press "game" ---then "select game"
-write "-1"or"-2" in the box

try to solve this game... :-)))

Lilli said...

ana ma ba3rafsh al3ab 7aga 3al windows 3'er Solitaire!
embare7 bass sa7bety Noha 3alemetni Minesweeper ;)
Orayeb ISA at3alem Freecell :D
mana fadeya el yoomeen dol zai manta 3aref :D la sho3'la wala mash3'ala till the new year ba2a :D

Ahmed Shokeir said...

فعلا كلامك مظبووط .. واضح إنك متمرسة قديمة زيي فى اللعبة دى .. بس ملحوظاتك كلها مظبوطة وفى محلها .. كمان كل ملحوظاتك فلسفية جدا .. الواحد ممكن يطبقها على حياته ويستفيد منها كمان

لألأ . دماغك شغالة فعلا

Lilli said...

هى شغالة بزيادة فعلاً!! أصلى فاضية اليومين دول عشان ماشيو من شغلى اللى أنا فيه ورايحة شغل جديد بإذن الله أول سنة 2006

دلوقتى بقى مركزة كل مجهودى على ال
حبقى أقولكوا على ملاحظاتى الفلسفية عليها بعد شهر كدة أكون بقيت محترفة

Mohamed Yousef said...

3ala fekraa....2ana proffessional fee Minesweeper....
my best times are :

biginner : 6 Sec
Intermidiate : 31 Sec
Expert : 121 Sec

try to breake these records.. :-D

Lilli said...

la la la la enta fehemteni 3'alat ya Youssef:)))
ana a7'er wa7da akssab fe ay game leha timing... i play Solitaire & Minesweeper without any respect to time :D ka2any mesh shayfa el timer assasan
Thomma expert eh in 121 seconds elli 3ayezny akksar el record beta3ha :)) enta bardo te3raf 3anni el zaka2 da :) o7'tak mo7'aha 3ala adaha
wel 6 seconds betoo3 el beginner betoo3ak dol a7'odhom fe choosing the first tile to click aslan :D

Mohamed Yousef said...

ya3nee 2ana 2awwel mabada2t 2al3abha, kont bageeb el 2arkaam dee ???!!!!

everything gets better with training ya leeloo....walla kalamee ghalat ??? :-D

maged mostafa said...

kalam 7elw ya lilli we 3ameeq awy..akeed elly 3amalo solitaire mesh momken yekono fakkaro fe en 7add momken yeboss leeha elnazra elmotafa7sah deh...
belnesba lil Minesweeper ana shoft yousef we howwa beyle3abha...la2 (masha2 allah) mo7taref fe3lan :) ana ba7ess eno bey7ellah automatic ;)