Still worth while

Today i decided to wake up.
Today i decided to go one with my dream.
Today i decided that it's still worth while.

I'll get up once again.
I'll give my life another chance.
I'll confess my worth to myself.

Dreams are dreams and beautiful being just dreams.
Dreams can be more beautiful when they become real.
Dreams were never destructive or illusionary.

I will work harder, there are people who are waiting for my work.

I will be nicer, there are people who need a pat on the shoulder.
I will have more Faith, there is a great Savior offering his true Love.

Never give up, for this will be the end.
Never hate your reality, because what you can do to change it is what matters.
Never lose faith in Love, it is what keeps us alive.


honeybee0608 said...

Never lose faith in Love, it is what keeps us alive..

i think that's really would b the only thing that may keep us happy while living,,it's "LOVE", cos even if we dont feel others' love,,there's the Love Source Himself,,God..we can feel it everyday.

Ahmed Shokeir said...

والله كلام حلو ياليلي .. بس المهم التنفيذ
المشكلة إن ساعة التنفيذ بيتغير تفسير كتير من المعاني المذكورة بعاليه

Lilli said...

it might be true yes, but lets try to do anything as a start, put urself a goal and work for t... it's not hard, at first u'll force urself to do the new good thing, but after a while it will be ur habit :))

Anonymous said...

Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun